Thursday, June 14, 2012

android vs iphone/ios

I just read an incredibly well-written article from the point of view of a 4-year iphone user switching to android. if you're looking for an iphone (or android) bashing, move along. this is actually a balanced article that points out the pros and cons for both. very well done:

29 Days with Android

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Eclipse Subversive plugin out of Java heap space


Use the JavaHL SVN Connector instead of SVN Kit. to install the JavaHL Connector:
  1. In eclipse go to Help --> Install New Software...

  2. Work with: --> choose the update site

  3. Expand Subversive SVN Connectors

  4. Choose the JavaHL version corresponding with your version of subversion

  5. Click Next, and then follow the instructions to complete installation

  6. Window --> Preferences --> expand Team --> select SVN --> select the SVN Connector tab --> change the SVN Connector to JavaHL --> OK
There are additional steps for completing the JavaHL installation. Subversive doesn't seem to have any helpful documentation regarding this, but Subclipse does:

In Linux (elementary, Ubuntu, Debian), you can do this to finish the installation:
  1. Install libsvn-java:
    sudo apt-get install libsvn-java

  2. Then edit eclipse.ini (located in /etc/ if you installed eclipse from a package or in the eclipse folder you extracted if you downloaded it from the eclipse website), and add the following line after the -vmargs line:

    For Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit, the line should be:

  3. Restart Eclipse


So I recently switched to Subversive from Subclipse as my SVN plugin in Eclipse. I was checking out one of my repositories (a pretty big one), and I got this error:

Checkout operation for '' failed.
Java heap space

I have 1 GB of java heap space given to Eclipse (-Xmx1024m in /etc/eclipse.ini), and I don't think I've run out yet, but I went ahead and upped it to 1.5 GB. I got the same error. 2 GB--same error. I tried again with 2 GB of heap space, closing all perspectives to save memory, and it finally worked.

I new something wasn't right, but at first I couldn't find anything in Google. I kept searching, and finally found this:

Essentially the problem is a bug with the SVNKit SVN connector. There are two connectors available:
  • SVNKit
    • Pros: easier to install
    • Cons: possibly buggier, because it's a Java reimplementation of Subversion
  • JavaHL
    • Pros: more stable, because it's a wrapper around the native subversion C code
    • Cons: a little more work to set up
The solution, as mentioned above, is to use the JavaHL connector, because this problem is caused by a bug in the SVNKit connector.