Monday, January 9, 2012

Using LIMIT with android ContentProvider

So you're using a content provider in your android app, and you want to supply a LIMIT parameter. The problem is, ContentProvider's query method doesn't have a limit parameter. Well, fortunately there's an easy solution; put the limit into a query parameter:
  1. First, in your content provider, create a constant for the query parameter key:
    public class MyProvider extends ContentProvider {
        public static final String QUERY_PARAMETER_LIMIT = "limit";

  2. In the query method of your content provider, get the limit from the Uri:
    public Cursor query(...
        String limit = uri.getQueryParameter(QUERY_PARAMETER_LIMIT);

  3. Still in the query method of your content provider, you can pass the limit on when creating the cursor:
    SQLiteQueryBuilder qb = new SQLiteQueryBuilder();
    Cursor c = qb.query(db, projection, selection, selectionArgs, null, null, sortOrder, limit);

  4. Lastly, when calling your content provider (via getContentResolver.query(), a CursorLoader, etc), you can append the limit to the content uri like so:
    String someLimit = "15";
    cursor = getContentResolver().query(
        // add the limit to the content uri
The cool thing is you can use this same technique to pass other parameters to your query, like DISTINCT, for instance.


  1. Very useful, thanks!

  2. It would be really great if you could share sample code

  3. I googled QUERY_PARAMETER_LIMIT and found these, which might be helpful: