Monday, August 19, 2013

The best alternative to Astrid Tasks

Update: see here for a better alternative: The best task/to-do app for Android

Yahoo recently purchased the excellent Astrid Tasks app and discontinued its development. I've looked high and low, and the best alternative to Astrid Tasks appears to be (drum roll) ...

Astrid Tasks.

Yep, there really aren't any good alternatives. I've tried:

  • Checkmark To Do & Task List
  • GTasks
  • Task List by taskos
  • Wunderlist
and more, and none of them have what makes Astrid so great. In particular, Astrid is great because it has a nice, clean interface but it is also very powerful under the hood. It has features like hiding tasks until a certain date, or repeating them based on when they were completed (as opposed to when they were due), which I haven't found in any other apps. in particular seems popular, but I have no idea why. It lacks functionality that I would consider basic to a task/to-do app like snoozing for a precise amount of time or repeating tasks at a precise interval.

So my recommendation: stick with Astrid Tasks. Now that it's been shut down, it won't be receiving any more updates. But it still works great. It was already an excellent app, not really lacking anything. It will no longer sync with, but it still syncs with Google Tasks.

The latest version of Astrid for Android is 4.6.5, which you can download from here if you've previously installed Astrid:

If you've never installed Astrid before, you can download the latest version from here, since the previous URL won't work for you:

The latest version for iOS appears to be 2.6.2.


  1. Thanks for the article. I would have add another app as an alternative. It is Beesy for iPad. It's an al-in-one app for productivity, what means that it handles calendar, to-dos, project and team management, reminders, note-taking, etc. You might want to have a look at it ;)

    1. Hey Andrew, thanks for the tip! I finally found a replacement for Astrid simply called Tasks that I've been using for a while. It's great, although I haven't had time to blog about it yet. The only downside is I think it's only for Android right now.

      I'm guessing you're affiliated with Beesy from looking at your Google+ profile. I normally prefer that those kind of affiliations be made explicit, but since I've already called you out and Beesy looks like a decent product, I'll leave your comment for those with iOS devices looking for an Astrid replacement. Cheers!